Shipwrecks At Sunset Testo

Testo Shipwrecks At Sunset

Just imagine the possibilites standing next to me by the edge of the sea and youll see something that youll never forget like a shipwreck at sunset x2 i remember cruisin down the street like we always do havin a good time just chillin out with my crew you walked right by you caught me eye and i swear i knew there was a reason why i set my sights on you so we drove past but i swear that you stayed on my mind thinkin about if i was even worth your time ill wait it out cuz theres no doubt that you're the one for me if i see you again, i know that it was meant to be meant to be so well just wait and se so we drove by again right past the liquer store i seen your face and i couldnt help but wish for more opened my door stepped to the floor and it was off the chain cuz when you saw me you asked me for my name i said dont worry about it girl, are you in a rush she looked behind her, her cheeks got red she began to blush her dude was standin there, showin off some evil glare i was over it hopped in and we got outta there we got outta there

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