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Testo Surround U

You don't even know how much I love you
You don't even know how I adore you
I bet it would astound you
If I told you now to
Just let all my love surround you
And everytime you call me I start shaking
And me not telling you bout my heart aching
I bet it would astound you
If I told you now that
I wanna let all my love surround you

If you knew what I thought about you
It's like the best thing I could find
Treat like honeydew, when I'm kissing you
I can't lie
And we're suppose to be just friends
Benefits with no commitments
But I find myself missing you more than I should be

I got a picture of you
I keep it with me
You never knew that it was so deep
Sick over you
Aint that the truth
And it aint hard to tell


[Verse 2:]
Can't believe you don't know about me
Even talk about you in my sleep
All my family knows, straight over dose
I'm you, you, you
Go in my room, and I shut the door
So I can think about your smile some more
Made you out to be the biggest thing to me
Locked up in life


I'm sitting here in your truck
Going crazy over your touch
And it gets to be to much
(On the daily, if I could keep you with me)
Just a little bit of your time
Wanna give you all of mine
I'm thinking maybe, baby, we should just, baby, we whould just try

[While singing in Chorus:]
You don't even know it
I'm crazy, crazy over you
Baby, Baby, Yea
You don't even know it

[Fade Out]
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