The Bastard's Way Testo

Testo The Bastard's Way

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Don't ever put your faith in me I'll only let ya down
Don't pick me up when I'm stumbling just leave me on the ground
And right or wrong I'll stick by the things I say
And I couldn't give a shit if ya go or if ya stay

I don't need your pity and I don't need your bullshit lies
And I don't' want your opinion on the faults of my life
You can talk all you want but I won't hear a word you say
I'm an unforgiving prick and I'm just living the bastard's way

When my day has come and I lie beneath the dirt
People gather smiles wide and poor booze upon the earth
They'll remember all the good times but only talk about the bad
They'll drink or say whatever it takes to keep from getting sad


And on my mother's doorstep lies a single red rose
And a story of a broken man that a mother would never know
I showed her the best and the worst days of her life
And I promised her that one day I would take her for my wife
But she knew it was all a lie the moment I left her bed
She said "your boy was a son of a bitch and I'm glad he's fucking dead"

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