Foggy Mountain Top Testo

Testo Foggy Mountain Top

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
If I was on some foggy mountain top I'd sail away to the west I'd sail all around this whole wide world to the girl I love the best If I had listened to what mama said I would not have been here today Just lyin' around this old jailhouse weepin' my poor life away If I was on some foggy mountain top... [ guitar ] Oh whenevr you see that girl of mine there's something you must tell her She need not fool no time away courtin' some other feller (Yes you caused me to weep yes you caused me to moan You caused me to leave my home Oh that lonesome pine and those good ole times have marred my way back home) If I was on some foggy mountain top... If I was on some foggy mountain top...

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