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Testo Mexican Joe

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
South of the border hey I know a lad He's got more fun than anybody's had Don't got no worry don't got no dough Everybody's a wondering bout Mexican Joe In old Mexico they call him the Rhumba King Leads all the women around on a string When they go out they get a million thrills But the lovely senoritas wind up with the bills Dancin' romancin' always on the go Sun shining down on Mexican Joe He makes the night spots all along the bay People want to see him when he comes their way He spreads so much joy everywhere he goes Everybody shouts Viva la Mexican Joe He likes to gamble at poker he's an ace He's always lucky with the cardsthat's got a face At winnin' the money he is sure a whiz But when they win they don't collect cause they don't know where he is Dancin' romancin' always on the go sun shining down on Mexican Joe He don't got no income tax cause he don't got no dough Still he gets along just fine how we'll never know He's got everything he wants a girl a drink a song And if we use his formula we surely can't go wrong His favorite playground is anywhere there's girl He's got that something that sets their hearts a whirl It couldn't be his money cause he ain't got a peso But when he wants a kiss all he's got to do is say so Dancin' romancin' always on the go Sun shining down on Mexican Joe Sun shining down on Mexican Joe

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