The Yellow Bandana Testo

Testo The Yellow Bandana

This is the Story of a Yellow Ban dana
A Handsome young Soldier and a Girl named Rose anna

Away out West in the Wilds of New Mexico
There lived a Girl and a Soldier who Loved her So
And ev'ry Night 'neath the full Crimson Moon Above
This brave young Soldier would Pledge her his Love; and-

He gave Rose anna his Yellow Ban dana
To Wear in her Hair till he's with her once More
He gave Rose anna his Yellow Ban dana
Mounted his pony and rode off to War
His Orders came and He had to ride West Again
Seems that Apaches were Causing unrest Again
He kissed Roseanna Goodbye as he Rode Away
Promising this Time He'd come back to Stay; and-


The War was over and He came back Home and Found
That the Apaches had Burned the whole Village Down
And 'neath the Tree where He last kissed Roseanna
Draped on a Cross was His Yellow Bandana;


He Gave Roseanna his Yellow Bandana
To Wear in Her Hair till He's with her once More
He Gave Roseanna his Yellow Bandana
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