Wine Me Up Testo

Testo Wine Me Up

I'm the center of attention in this bar room
Cause' I've got the biggest heartache of the year
And each night those swingin' doors reach out for me and draw me in
Cause' they know each night that I'll be back to Wine me up again

Wine me up, turn me on and watch me cry for you
Lately drinkin' warm red wine is all I wanna do
And I never know how tight I'll wine me up till I walk in
But I don't care cause I'll be back to wine me up again

I'd like to thank the men who raise the grapes way out in California
And I'm hopin' this will be there biggest year
Cause scarlet water's all that's left to keep me hangin' on
And that's why I'll try to wine me up each day and night next year
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