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Yea Yea. Yea Yea. Dem Niggas Tryed To Frame Me On Them Bogus Ass... Charges They Had On A Nigga
Rush In My Mathafukin Grandma's House... Nigga Im Not Guitly. I Dont Know Nothing About Nothing.
Imma Vet![Echos]

Fuck Jackson County.
The Feds And The Bountys.
They Got The Wrong Man. Thats What I Told'em When They Found Me.
Slammed Me Down On The Mathafukin Ground
Talkin Bout "Fat Tone, We Got Yo Fat Ass Now"
"You Wanted For Two Murders. I Guess U Already Know"
Im Thinking To My Self Like "Yea So?"
Can I Get My Dough?
He Like "Fuck Naw, Fat Punk"
Punched Me In The Stomach And Slammed Me Right On The Trunk

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Scarica la suoneria di Not Guilty!
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