Dont Stop The Music Testo

Testo Dont Stop The Music

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. Makaveli & Outlawz)

[talking: 2Pac]
This go out to C Deloris Tucker
(God damn rap music I hate that)
Bob dole
(It's just so violent and it destroys everybody)
And everybody else who feels like uh
(It makes the kids crazy)
They stronger than the constitution
(Kid's kill people)
Freedom of speech big baby
(There's cop haters)
Freedom of speech
(They goin' against society I don't understand the music, it's too loud)
(It' too loud, it's too rowdy, it's too violent)
(Let's ban all rap music)
(Ban 2Pac, ban the Outlaw Immortalz Ban 'em)

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
You can't break me
Never make me
Busta soft the beats
This Outlaw style got a brother off the streets
Miss Deloris Tucker sue me I won't stop
Till we get justice for these crooked cops on my block
Time Warner fulla sissies
Tell 'em all to miss me
A bunch of hypocrites
Whistlin' Dixie
Good riddance cause you never should of touched me
You cowards knew you couldn't take the pressure I'm a make you sorry
Trust me
Didn't cry when they dropped me
Can they stop me?
Tryna sell 4 million copies
If I wasn't spittin' it'd be prison or death
This rap game all we got left
So try to comprehend where we comin' from
Life as an Outlaw
Hittin' it for everyone
So here we come
Recognize how we organize
Strategize now we unified brothers on the rise
And we can't stop

[Chorus x2: Val Young]
Don't you stop it
Don't you stop
Stop the music

[Verse 2: EDI]
You don't really wanna stop
The only thing that we got
I bang knott's
So how much you plot
On these youngsters
Millions of 'em that's lovin' everything we say
Cause at this every single day yeah
Some of us is trippin' on it
But in turn busta's slippin' on it
So get up on it
Don't be an opponent
Cause this is feedin' my family
Take it away
And see me in every single place you plan to be
Don't stop

[Verse 3: Hussein Fatal]
I got 58 ways to get out of the game
But only one way's gonna fit my name
Ride by with the block
I can't stop
Not even for the cop's will I close down shop
I broke nights to get big
Gettin' rope spot's
Hold it tight
Runnin' with fat blunts
Niggas ain't rollin' right
Temp this
I bitch this track I love rap
Senseless, relentless in every sentence but above that
Brain driller, fuckin' Fatal's a walkin' pain killer
Insane iller than caine Uzi cops, then watch 'em fear ya
Who's next?
I'm ready to check a neck in a second
Gripin' the Tek and slap' ya head because I snap under pressure
Cuttin' circulation
Stranded on the plant the earth's chasin'
Scared of probation now I'm facing death tryna hurt a nation
Burn like acid
Fart, blunts and Jurassic Park
My bastard ass click we got the strip mashin'

[Chorus x2]
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