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Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[After about a minute of mixing] [Bomb explosions, gun shots] (You know what you be?) [Fatal] You be like the type that come at me And shoot one at me, Tryna set it, Then get another nigga to dead it Outlaws we 'trol heat Ya cold feet remain frozen As Hussein show thieves That got our own name stolen I'm Hussein, Flyin' down 95 in two lanes Wearin' fitted and blue chain The one out of these two thangs Hustle or be hustled, Tussle and these tough They sheaths hunt you down When you around and ya knees buckle Popped up, whopped up, glock cocked up An' got ya cop shot up, Came to shook shop up I took money, gave 'em horror Recruit crooks for me Keep my finger on strap, 'Til the gat looked ugly I mash fast illy G-packers get bagged silly We pack mac millis You know the science for that These niggas tryna rap When I spit it like I'm ocmmitted Wid triple and double digits Bag whatever bubble wid it All y'all gon' do is be talkin' while I walk Wid the war you ball way Either way you playin' ya partner Watch me bop down ya block Wid my suit and chocolates On some Deathrow Pac shit Outlaw Khadaf shit, I got this, I let you know you playin' yourself Ain't seein' a damn bit ah coke You might be bangin' yaself Talk that crew shit, I'm knowin' already who ain't gon' do shit, Pack one nasty new wid, a lil' bit of blue shit Confucious, run deep from Jerz, Right off clue shit Makaveli shit still bangin' Y'all shoulda knew this Y'all niggas gon' ride or die

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