Intro (Rough Shit) Testo

Testo Intro (Rough Shit)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. 2Pac, New Child)

Outlawz keep that rough shit
Outlawz keep that rough shit, baby
Outlawz keep that rough shit
Outlawz keep that rough shit, baby

I'm down for mine, did it for Pac
Spitted the block, commited to Yak
And faithfully, we splitted the block
What did y'all do for em? forget the hunnies
You ever rob a spot with my dogg and split the money
I chose to rise, sacraficed, chose to ride
Controlled the nine and never once closed my eyes
Sometimes I feel my own doggz got me trapped
But I'll kill one of you cats, so it must not be that
Rap from scratch, with that local nonsense
Finish em and (?) about the coastal confrence
Fake thug type, my doggz barking up your lessons
Its been three years, you still talking over records
I'm the Don, Hussein's the dime
You came to bomb?
You still sniffing coke, thats the real weak line

Outlawz keep that rough shit, baby

[New Child]
Thug life is who's?
Niggaz done broke the rules
Now my niggaz got to act a fool, bust the two's
Since Pac left, haters wanna step on toes
Some niggaz get they casket closed, little hoes
Keep your mouth shut and eyes open
Eastsiders, Westsiders, Southsiders
Outlawz keep their guns smoking
All my niggaz ride, down to bust
It's suicide when you fuckin' with us
In Pac we trust
I'm venomous
When you hear me bust, niggaz chin em up
All of us can spit it
Got it once, you can still get it
Scared? nigga deal with it
Fuck a quarter magazine, never violatin my team
I'm an all out-law nigga
Founder of the city morgue nigga
Put that on my brother, you cocksucker
Whats poppin nigga, whats poppin, huh?

Outlawz keep that rough shit, baby

I served niggaz off the 1-8-9
187's caught up in the sunday times
What the fuck you thought?
I ride for Pac, is you crazy?
(Outlawz keep that rough shit, baby)
I know
Crossed over, clap off, touch the glass
Whip out, no home, i'mma bust your ass
Pulled back the semi, sip the remi for Yak
one fifth, drip all the henney for Pac
I put it down, out of town
Don't worry you niggaz
And my Brick City Outlawz will bury you niggaz
Outlawz all over, we connect the block
Soldier formation, whip out and rep for Pac

Outlawz keep that rough shit
Outlawz keep that rough shit, baby
Outlawz keep that rough shit
Outlawz keep that rough shit, baby
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