Hold Me Now Testo

Testo Hold Me Now

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Running out of ideas for tonight, its getting hard to handle. and all i need is a clearer picture of me. All i ever wanted was to take the fast road south its never ideal to sit still, and all i needed was a clearer picture of me. bleed once its enough, is it really worth the fuss whats telling your head where to place your steps its tough, its a temperamental state im in and its all wrong.
Hold me now dont let me let myself go down, its eternity were up against nowx2 its not worth it if i make it this far to fail, just because of my own hard head so, hold me now dont let me let myself go down its eternity were up against now.I dont have to feel the way i do now, honey but right now, the way that im feelin has got more appeal. right or wrong it wont be long till i found myself in a place where i can feel home again. home again yeah..(pre chorus) chorus...

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