Playground Testo

Testo Playground

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Verse 1: (Jermaine)
Seen you out 'bout once or twice
And I really wanted to get up and talk tonight
But I got the warning
How you dropped those other guys
And I'm all up on it
That sexy way you dance I think I got a chance.

Rise 1: (Baby-V)
'Cause I feel that you like the way that I move
And I see that you think it's time

I'll take you to the playground, playground, baby
Tell me what you want me to do
And maybe we can play around, play around, baby
Nobody here but me and you
Up in the play ground

Can I do it again, baby tell me can I do it again (repeat)

Verse 2: (Jermaine)
I know the things you wanna see
I can tell you're bored so baby won't you come with me
Let me do this for ya
I'll grab ya coat and we can ride, ride, ride
Until you're tired
Let's take it private

Rise 2:
'Cause I know that you like the way that I move
And I feel that you think it's time



Bridge: (Kyle)
Baby let's go take a walk
Get to know eachother talk all night
Girl I wanna take my time
Show me what's behind that smile

Rise 1: (Baby-V)

Chorus x 2

Hook x 2
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