Everything's Not Shitty Testo

Testo Everything's Not Shitty

Everything seems obvious
Up here above
Seems that people get along
Seems a lot to you alone

Try to hold the fuck on
Sick of fingers in my seams
Coming from a city
Tired of the same old song
At least I don't just sit there
At least I don't just nod

(Everything's not shitty)

Some things aren't so bad
Tell me Mr. Positive
Why am I so bored?
Why am I so sad?

Everything's not shitty but people might disagree
They sing a song quite obvious
There must be something wrong with us

And I'm sick inside now show me
And with our skin exposed
They will chew us down to bone
(?) architects building fancy homes

(?) with shiny things
We look at this in a brand new light
Because our lives are pretty
At least we are alive

With nowhere to go
tried to shot himself dead
its the travels that we take
that make it all worth while
(?) dirt
(?) it's the things that you will see
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