Given To Dreams Testo

Testo Given To Dreams

The devil's in the daughter's room [x3]

There will be a second knife, will be a second knife [x4]

She cried when she found it
and he smiled as he watched her
She was ever so beautiful...she was ever so

There will be a second knife, will be a second knife [x4]

And he smiled as he watched her.
She was ever so beautiful in her sleep.
Like father (his son made in his image)
Her eyelids gently closed.
Lids concealing all of her dreams.
He stood over her bed
He stood over her bed!
([Background screaming during this verse:] One deep stab kill the hourglass)
([Background singing during this verse:] She reached for a dream)

why god, spilling!
???, spilling,
why god, spilling,
???, spilling,
why god, spilling,
why god, spilling,
aahhh, spilling!

(Let the sand leak slowly from its body
Draw out the time until its breathes its last)
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