My (Fucking) Deer Hunter Testo

Testo My (Fucking) Deer Hunter

When we start, we lack a rulers knowledge
When we grow, we gain the tools to conquer
I'll kill the king just for a taste of copper

Where did the fins go?
What are these limbs for?
If we leave, we don't return...

I'll have his wife to display my power
I'll drink his wine and spit it right back out
Somewhere I grew legs

There's a wall out past the shallow waters
Where there's god and all his faithful followers,
they remained, endured the taste of salt
There's a beast who swallowed up his soldiers
Drew them out into the cities and shores
Gave them greed and made them slaves...

There's a wall out past the shallow waters
([Anthony Green:] And I'm a shark with legs in a tie)
Where I can't see but I can sense my father
([Anthony Green:] With a trophy wife at my side)
He can see me, oh so clearly
([Anthony Green:] And I'll beat her because she's mine)
There's a beast who had me at hello
([Anthony Green:] And birth a nuclear set of swine)
And a building where I never go
([Anthony Green:] But if they leave they wont return)
If we leave, we don't return
([Anthony Green:] And I'll eat her because she's mine.
And they'll kneel each and every night and when they sleep, they won't wake up.
And if they leave, they won't return)
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