No War!! Testo

Testo No War!!

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
And we shout the words many times in this nation
Let's feel a never ending freedom under the clear blue sky and in the ocean
Let's wash away many sorrows with a heavy rain or a melting snow
Let's remember the hope in the youth in a very soft wind
Let's swear the peace in the near future against the past

What we have learned from the fault that we have repeated over and over
We have lost many things, so let's put an end to this stupid war by our shout

(No war!)
For smile of children
Precious people
And all my sacrifice
We shout the words many times

(No war!)
For this peaceful days
Dreams that they have
And for our dignity
We shout the words many times

They say, "We do it for the peace of the world and my country."
We say, "It is a lie, we know you do it for yourself."
I say, "Please think about it as serious as you can.
Oh how many lives have gone? Is it your way?"
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