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(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing
A New Town
A Prelude To Pilgrim Street
All You'd Ever Need To Say
Ce Soir
Choosing Numbers
Choosing Sides
Clear Water
Curves Of The Needle
Each Time Is A New Time
First Come The Wish
From Hide And Seek To Heartache
Got To Get The Nerve
Got To Write A Letter
How Many More Times?
If Only The Moon Were Up
In The Mirror
Is This The Picture?
It's About Time
It's Not The Only Way To Feel Happy
It's Okay To Change
Just Like Everyone Else
Let's Write A Book
Lights Up
Like When You Meet Someone Else
Luck Is A Fine Thing
Precious Plans
See You Later
Share The Words
Shorter Shorter
So Long Then
Something Familiar
Sorry Again, Mate
Start The Day Right
Tell Me Keep Me
The Rest Is Noise
The Wheels Are In Place
Them That Do Nothing
Who'll Pay The Bills?
You And I
You Can Decide
You're So Pretty