What You Are Testo

Testo What You Are

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Every perception is what you perceive, all that you know you were taught to believe
Something is stirring and something is cracked, there is no hope as you limp your way back
Pushing and pulling you rip at the seams, working through problems set deep in your dreams
Searching for something that doesn't exist, you caused all this
Know this, just incase you don't notice
I've had a rough time so far
The symptoms are slowly growing, show yourself for what you are
Wishing and willing that it disappears, hoping and praying to conquer my fears
Searching for someone who someday will stay, wanting it so but still pushing away
Is there some way to be perfectly clear, what's in my face is all that I can hear
Longing for some form of life to exist, you caused all this
Now I can see you for what you are, my eyes have been awakened
Now I can see you for what you are, the things we have forsaken
Now I can see you for what you are, the promises are broken
Now I can see you for what you are, the lives that have been taken
What you are
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