Xtacy Testo

Testo Xtacy

I dedicate this
To the only girl I ever loved

[HOOK x2]
Won't you please, come out and play with me
My little ecstacy

[Verse 1]
I done popped three, can't wait to make it fo'
That little ecstacy, she's a freaky little hoe
She let's me fuck without the rubber
Never had to tell her, but she knows that I love her
First day I met her had me spendin' all my cheddar
Ya know the type of girl that'll break ya if ya let her
I hope we last forever cuz I love her company
She's the only one that really understands me
Should see us at the club, we be lookin' fly together
Swear to God, hope we mothafuckin' die together
It's just me and my bitch
She loves me if I'm broke or if I'm filthy fuckin' rich
It's like that

[HOOK x2]

[Verse 2]
I been missin' you lately, I ain't seen you around
Heard that nigga that you with, he be lockin' you down
He's a busta, huh?
He don't trust ya, huh?
He don't know half the niggas that done fucked ya, huh?
You's a dime piece baby you belong with me
I can already see how out life would be
You and me at the Billboard Music Awards
Jumpin' out the six hundred with the bullet proof doors
You's a bitch and I'm a rebel
Will and Jada Smith couldn't even reach our level
Understand my mind, body, spirit, and soul
That's why my love for you is true and never gets old
I don't care if you mess around, sleep around town
You've been down since the underground
Never did you clown when those hounds used to come around
You were down, when my other hoes used to fuck around
Now it sounds like I gotta go, I can't chase you down

[HOOK x2]

[Verse 3]
I guess I lied when I said that I would never chase you down
I 'most cried when they said that I, had to put you down
But you took me back with open arms, My lucky little charm
You're the reason why, I can always make it through the storm
You was there back in '95 when Power Tools was live
Alex C. was on the ones and twos, I was gettin' high
Me and ecstacy, you could see the love up in her eyes
She don't question me, ain't with that "Oh where were you tonight?"
She's understandin', not demandin' doesn't want my time
All she wants to do is just stimulate my mind
She taught me how to take the love and turn it into paper
That's why I take the bud and turn it into vapor

[HOOK x2]
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