American Superstar (feat. Lil'Wayne) Testo

Testo American Superstar (feat. Lil'Wayne)

[Lil Wayne] Look at me bitch Look at me bitch Look at me bitch American superstar [Flo-Rida] I got guns for the snitches Roses for the bitches Hop up out the whip paparazzi takin pictures [Lil Wayne] I got guns for the snitches And roses for the bitches Hoppin out the whip paparazzi takin pictures x2 Heavy metal when i'm ballin ? got an appetite for destruction you can call me axel ask me bout what a nigga done done ask me bout what a nigga do will? ask me bout where the bricks come from that's what a snitch nigga do that tell i don't want nothin to do with that bill? if it's selected i'm bringin them shells only position for me is a player that's right playa better get it right playa emergency i'm blowin my trees come on my nerve, no regular me no somebody shorty with me on my knees i'm ready if it's a problem she sexy flo-rida holla come test me get that .. get messy just like a mobster my broads deserve lobster deserve choppas you serve like jimmy hopper american showstopper [chorus x2] [Lil Wayne] Young moolah baby I got money on money on money on money on top of more money on top of my shit like flies open that ferrari f 5 like eyes up and down ocean drive jumpin up out that maybach with a bitch way back to tease them thighs she got a tattoo on her booty and it say 305 DJ Khaled say it's a movie now don't forget your lines, Cause you dont want me to edit before we roll the credits bitch give me my credit i'm so energetic i'm fuckin like a rabbit smokin on lettuce whatever i want i get it i meant it if i said it and i say i keep it pumpin i aint talkin unletted if you want it come get it cause boy i'm ready i get that fast fetty they should call me tom petty got two bitches one peanut butter one jelly i'm a american gangster already [chorus x2] [Lil Wayne] I'm an american superstar yeahhhh I'm an american superstar yeahhh baby I'm an american superstar hahaha

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