I Got To Get Ya (Snippet) Testo

Testo I Got To Get Ya (Snippet)

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
[feat. Ne-Yo]

Na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na

Ain't got a damn [?] your last thing may change
Get to your Virgo, to feel you I could change
[?] I know he wanted fame
You stay there, I gotta a problem, man
I gotta fix this like we're in plan,
I still sip [?] follow no trance, beyond verse, that's beyond thoughts
I just say it hoe, this is my fault, my fault, my better need the [?]
Computer love [?] she's rocking that [?]
Smell like living, at least [?] cause I got a good feeling,
Gotta get your girl, cause your [?] got willing
My dream girl!

So I got to get you, I can't let you get away from,
I can't let you get away from me!
I gotta get you!
I got to get you, I can't let you get away from,
I can't let you get away!
I can't let you get away!
Oh Canada, oh Canada!

I notice my cookies don't crumble,
What's up is got me on form Toronto
My favorite [?] no stereo
You know it, is falling
Our bigger first day in New York
Pardon [?] said I look like a [?] boss
Deserve double lubba tons I bought
I pray [?] to get me to the Lord
But I ran now, just what I respect
Not a hand down, not one for the jealousy
I'm a [?] eleven seven, seven six, but I'm [?]
So random, you're the atom,
Don't let it be, spread like cancer [?]
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