Wattershed Testo

Testo Wattershed

I stick it to the mailmanI'm pinned against a pot plantI'm sick of all the sun-tanOily with the ray-banTake that to the bank and call it a checkMasked without a weaponI'm skinny as a spit panDealing with the shit planPlaying with my bad handJust another rock bandTake that to the manand call it a checkTrapped within a contractHey there boy while you were catching the black widowThe rest of us were watching melroseI wanna swim in the wattershedI wanna listen to the flowerheadI lost a gallon and still I bledI keep on thinking i get aheadPissed at all the disc jamPissed about the 5-hamPissed about the green stateI miss it and I can't waitHey man can't you tell it's still a problem?See you at the devil's tower

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