Friends And Girls And You Testo

Testo Friends And Girls And You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
We can't talk today, there's nothing left to say.
I remember it was different when we met here yesterday.
What happened to those days when we used to be as one
And the little smile you saved for me was brighter than the sun.

I'd better bitten my lip, maybe I should have faked a smile
But I know you know me well enough to see through my disguise.
So here we are today with our friendships broken seal
And all that we can do is wait for bleeding wounds to heal.

All the numbers I wrote down
On all the kiss-me-cards I found
Will never add up to the one
That never let me hit the ground.

Another girl will come, a kiss, a warm embrace.
But every kiss is colder than the one I'll never taste.
We can't talk today, but maybe that's okay,
Cause summer always sweeps away all winter's tragedy.

All the numbers...

I need pills to keep my head from aching.
cause all these thoughts just keep me up all night.
I need kicks to keep my mind from thinking
and all my friends to give me strength to fight.
I need girls to keep my heart from breaking
even though I know it's already too late.
I need you to keep my life from sinking,
and I know that I can love you as a friend
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