Grey Christmas Testo

Testo Grey Christmas

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Blinking lights in their windows
Make me want to go back home
But nothing good on TV
"Rudolph, the black-eye reindeer"

Wanna throw things at their happy faces
Turkey-stuffed family reunions
Comb your hair for the photo
And let them all choke on egg nog

Maybe I'm just being jealous
Cause I never get the gifts I want
Things were easy when I was a child
Joy was always as big as the presents

These days' only purpose
Is to make me see once more
How another year of my life
Slipped right through my hands

Christmas day
Smile-at-assholes day
Rather ignore that day
So let's better get away

You're staying at your parents' too
While I'd rather be with you
Three days of forced attention
Don't pay for a lonely childhood

Waking up to a grey Christmas
There's only rain and never snow
So Bing Crosby's just a racist
And I'm dreaming of the summer sun...

Christmas day...

I'm waiting
to go home
and wait for
a new year
rain falling
I'm running
I'm falling
I'm hiding

Christmas day...
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