In Your Dreams Testo

Testo In Your Dreams

She's not the one I'm dreaming of...
She used to be but I'm not having any nightmares anymore

I'm not the one to beat you up...
But I am dreaming of it night and day

Whenever I can be around
I'm gonna make you scream and shout
If I will find a way to make you bleed
I'm gonna use it all around

I learned to hate you not too much
But I'm making fun of you whenever I can

If I could be your perfect dream
I'd turn into a nightmare just to make you scream!

Whenever I can be around...

You were the one to hurt me
The one to kick me
Now I'm the one to hurt you
I'll be in every of your dreams
When you fall asleep
Then I'm with you
I'll be your nightmare
'cause you're in my dreams, too...
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