Chanson Egocentrique Testo

Testo Chanson Egocentrique

Avenue park
My life in the dark
I with me.
Do you smile
For Arabian style
I like it.
Miami beach boys
Children with toys
Across the universe.

Chanson egocentrique
Self-centered song,
Chanson egocentrique
self-centered song.

Who am I?
Where am I?
When I'm out of myself
Where do I come from?
Tell me where I go?


I come from Sicily
Not far from Africa
I sing for EMI Records;
Slowly the moon
To take our lives again.

Central Park
I love in the dark
Ich bin klein;
People sang
Around the campfire ground
I remember prehistoric sound
Was the time of the dinosaur age


(He tells me)
Oh, I'm so lonely
My heart is breking,
So...When you see my girl
Tell her that I love her.
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