Live In My Bed Testo

Testo Live In My Bed

I want you to live in my bed
Well why don't you just live in my bed
Then I can wake up see your face whenever I open up my eyes
So why don't you just live in my bed

Pack your bags, come get the way baby don't look back
I got a pillow with your name on it
Don't hesitate to put your hand on it, head on it.
Just stay the weekend, my better man..on the move it
If you wanna we can sleep here
Baby here's a conversation, listen


Baby come here get the free way then I switch here
Drive fast doing my love past to it,
When we're livin in the mist that the wonder years
Make a head and drop a tear, every time we ain't drop the top
Do it anywhere, do it here, do it there
Lead the mallin do it in the parkin line
Uh, you look so sexy, not too many impress me
Then she will blog my got
Boy shut the f*ck up just undress me
Damn you're gorgeous, run the circles in my head
Now baby go pack your bags and catch your ..


Lin up, perfect the bed when we're waking up
No interruptions when I can't get up
Staring up the sheets when I'm makin love, making love
Capture the moment, take off the dress like you own it
Take a pearl if I can't shop
Made my bed a situation I'm missin it


The only one that make me feel like this
Never thought that I could fall so hard, so hard
Never want it to share my space like this
I'm addicted to you
I need another fits, love everything that you do
So don't wanna let you go home

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