Three Skinny Girls Testo

Testo Three Skinny Girls

Three skinny girls were there when I woke up
they brought me brown toast and tea, said they knew all about me
all flashlight pearls and covered in make up
they shaved my eyelids so small and let me dance with them all
my cheap hotel was makin me lonely
I drank till past three o'clock I couldnt think straight or talk
three skinny girls was all that I wished for
to rub my belly and head and come and sleep in my bed

they made me breakfast
cornflakes and beer
they blew my noses
and they told me

I'm just a boy with an average kinda face
thick brown curls and I live in a smelly place
I was alone in my wasted head
now there's three skinny girls lyin in my bed, oh yeah

well now my girl lets talk about you now
you look so undignified like your pet angel just died
three skinny girls left me on sunday
just me and my lonely room left me some sweet macaroon
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