Da Dip Testo

Testo Da Dip

Intro: This goes out to all the women in the world, especially her. You know it don't even matter your age; it don't even matter your color. Yo, fellas, I ain't forgettin' 'bout y'all. This is for everybody who like to dance. Just listen to what I'm sayin' and do it, and take a chance. Chorus I put my hand upon your hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip You put your hand upon my hip, when you dip, I dip, we dip I put my hand upon your hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip You put yours, and I put mine, and we can dip down low and roll and grind! Verse 1: Just get on the floor like I said befo' Y'all remember that "Down Low"! Just put a little dip wit' it, Now roll those hips wit' it Pop it, push it, rock it, roll it Can't control it? I'll come hold it It's all in fun so take a chance Just get on the floor and do that dance, y'all I know you like this so, don't try to fight it Turn around, baby, let me see you from the back Yeah, I like it like that Get up now, roll those hips, Drop down, double-up on those dips Freak Nasty wanna see, Can y'all do this right here for me? Chorus Verse 2: Back again with the second verse It's all clean, so I'm not gonna curse Droppin' bass like a bad habit Love all women, 'cause I gotta have it Comin' at y'all in stereo I'm ridin' that thing like a rodeo Hang on, baby, 'cause the ride is rough, and ... [Don't stop till you get enough] {OOH!} I got my girls in the front Now a lady just bumpin' that rump Raise it up, let me see that brown Slap it, girl, make it jiggle around Round and round that rump goes Where it stop, yo, no one knows, yeah Freak Nasty wanna see, Can y'all do this right here for me? Chorus Well alright, y'all! If you ain't dippin', you must be trippin'! If you ain't doin it Down Low, you gots to go! To the people thats movin' slow to the dance floor! Yo DJ! Pump it up some MO-O-O-O ..... Verse 3: It's off to the show in a limo Before the show, I gotta get that dough Pay them girls what they're worth, Slip that money under that skirt Take it off, baby, let me see You might get a lil' mo' lucci G-string havin' oh so much fun Playin' inside, between them buns Shortie got it on like Marvin Teasin' me and you know I'm starvin'! Lick you up, then lick you down I ain't finished; girl, turn around! Lick you up and down your back 'Cause I'm that freak, I'm freaky like that! Freak Nasty wanna see Can y'all do this right here for me? Chorus Verse 4: I'm settin' it off to another level You're diggin' Freak Nasty without a shovel This is my world; I'm just a squirrel Tryin' to get a nut, so wassup? Yo, DJ, when the party's getting slow Join this jam on and watch that floor Get taken over like in '94, When I had the whole world gettin' Down Low New Orleans born, ATL livin' Freak Nasty's what I'm givin' My juice is sweet like Georgia Peaches women suck it up like leeches Uh-huh, if you're so good, You must admit you like this shhhhhhhhhh Yeah, y'all know the song So come on won't you sing it with me? Ourto (repeated till fade): I put my hand upon your hip When I dip you dip we dip You put your hand upon my hip When you dip I dip we dip

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