I Want 2 Fuck Testo

Testo I Want 2 Fuck

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
(I want to FUCK!)
(Sweet pussy!)
(I ain't lyin')

[Verse 1:]
Straight up, girl, I wanna fuck
Yo' fine ass in the buck
We can do what comes to mind
We can do it fast or take our time
We can do it any way you like,
As long as we fuck tonight
Love, there's a time for it,
But look, tonight I wanna fuck!
In that ass I wanna get, deep,
Like Jacques Cousteau in that C, U-T, U-P
Freak Nasty, hittin' that sweet pussy
Don't front 'cause I ain't fakin'
Let's get together and make bakin'
There's a time for love, but tonight is now
Whassup? I wanna fuck!


[Verse 2:]
Fuckin' is good when you're fuckin' right
Freak Nasty fuck all night
Doggystyle, let's go, lemme hit that ass back tho'
I guarantee you won't regret it
Jus' gimme a chance and let me get it
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, nut! Girl, I wanna fuck!
My dick is hard, so what you gon' do?
If you don't know, here's a clue:
Fuckin', suckin', you know you want it
You wouldn't be in the club flauntin' it
So stop puttin' on and cut to the chase
Lemme see how it taste!
There's a time for love, but tonight is now
Whassup? I wanna fuck!


[Insert x2:]
[Ohhhhh ... you gotta gimme some now]
[I ain't lyin']
[Ohhhhh ... you gotta gimme some]
[Sweet pussy!]

(I want to fuck!) [x4]
White. (Sweet pussy!) Black. (Sweet pussy!) [x2]


[Verse 3:]
I ain't playin', girl, I'm for real
You ain't dumb, you know the deal
Y'all do the same all the time
If you say you don't, stop lyin'!
O-R-G-I-E, Freak Nasty, can't you see
I'm all about sex, triple-X-rated, as I stated
I don't mind lickin' toes
If you do me too, that's how it goes
You got knees, I got knees, girl;
I don't mind sayin' please! I can love you long,
I can love you right, but not tonight
There's a time for love, but tonight is now
Whassup? I wanna fuck!

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