Ham Extreme Testo

Testo Ham Extreme


i keep it on philly
no scams when i am in the hood
.. on the microphone
they sound like a bunch of dirty .. when they are in the beef
but i am a grown man on the microphone
.. through ham on the microphone
that was the strangest thought

neighborhood hero
i need deniro
show .. the way i see tomorrow
.. don't try to turn the ...
we are from the .. we are here to rock ..
all we know is rock and roll
please don't try us
.. we got to make that profit
..that means that we can get public
.. that money this is why we .. for


we are form the streets
this is why i am rapping
for the streets
.. i need my money
.. i need my money fast
i need my money cash
.. we gonna make it
we gonna take it
we gonna bring it
.. i've been around the world and back
my homies still might get them ..,
my homies still might get the truth
.. but here is the .. when it was done
i was back from where i started from


.. take it from ..
i don't need him
but i go him
.. please don't block me
i don't need no spam
. that's right i said it
3 eggs .. get with the program
stick with the program
is life after ...

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