The Burning Testo

Testo The Burning

Stomach slashed and the rat is resurrected cold blades are yielding the higher infant flesh all is dead and speechless and he screams to burn the bitch cut her from her face the face to the ass oh wet skin beneath my fingernails apocalyptic messiah in human flesh i'll coat her face with shit and blood its a cruel worlds vengeance on the commoner of life its a marriage of whores and snakes sea and the serpents kiss so alone in this world of shit and the sparrow bleeds a trail of blood through the night and the old man dies burned her face and pray for credence as you kneel before your kings world smiles as all will die with all their swollen macho pride of all the zionist who cried for a savior savior staring into the sun but i live and die for one i am your lord i am the only light

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