Satanic DNA (Blood Of The Dragon) Testo

Testo Satanic DNA (Blood Of The Dragon)

The sons of cain
gifted with furious strength
bearers of the promethean torch
the flame of undefiled wisdom

once emerged under blackened skies
in the gleam of alpha draconis
the awakening of divine consciousness
the dawn of true faustian spirit

throughout the aeons
from beyond ancient sumeria
towards ragnarok
further onward up to new horizons
the bringers of order from chaos
clash of the titans
ten thousand years of victory
god and beast in one

seeds of the snake dragon
with spirits forged in the eternal darkness
and flesh clad in armour
enemies are trodden under the cloven hoof

hail the furor
hail the furor diabolicus
come forth precious hate
werewolf strength
conqueror, supremacist
furor teutonicus

creating a world
where milk and honey, mead and blood flow
the blood of man
that is the spirit of vengeance

children of the dragon
are the coronation of the dragon
the king and father of all
without whose laughter their world would not be

the breed of the dragon
is the return of blood and iron
the blood of the dragon
is the clandestine sword of revenge

seed of the dragon
sons of the pentagram
symbol of quintessence
sign of spiritual domination
triumph of the will

seed of the dragon
sons of the swastika
symbol of progress
sign of the four winds
triumph of the flesh

[Chraesvelgoron 25.08.2002]
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