The Curse Of The Dreadgate Testo

Testo The Curse Of The Dreadgate

Inserito il 31 Dicembre 2005
Lee Ryan arrestato per droga e guida in stato di ebbrezza
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[Bonus-Track on venyl version, recorded in summer 2.001 e.v.]

A yawning space opens
My spirit falls so deep
A gate, so long closed
Appears from ancient times
The gate that humans fear
The gate of dread

Quaesivi veritatem
Et cognovi te lucifer
Magus imaginationis obscurae

Circumstatus in tenebris noctis
Post portas ignominiae aeternae
Ad diem, quod scientia nostra
Totas res adversas caedit

Silence and dust
Since aeons untouched
There I leave my footsteps
There I leave my soul
Until fanfares sound loud
And the doors creaking open

Eingeschlossen in finsterer Nacht
Hinter den Toren ewiger Lügen
Bis an den Tag, an dem unsere Weisheit
Alle Schlösser zerschmettert

(Sadorass, 7. Lenzing 1.996 era vulg.

(Latin translation by Chraesvelgoron))

Scarica la suoneria di The Curse Of The Dreadgate!
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