The Wrath Of Satan Testo

Testo The Wrath Of Satan

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Starlight reflected by empty eyes
In desolate darkness
Seeking for satanic purification
I cross the path of tridents
The sign of ancient wisdom
But also of no forgiveness
And I drowned in burning
Seas of fire

For I have to suffer
For I was blind
For I was weak
Falling in pain

I enter the realm of the dragon
The frontiers to subconscious fade away
Dreams become reality and lies have lost their meanings
As truth is streaming in from the depth of the universe
Spoken out by a thousand tongues
Lead by one great infinite mind
So dark and pure the genius of creation
The dragon king of eternal life

"The sins man has to suffer for are his stupidity and blindness.
Now rise and bring forth the seeds of my ultimate judgement."

Carried away
By black demons
I rise from the burning seas
Back into the world of man

Chill is freezing my skin while feeling
Flames from hell are breeding in my heart
Devouring my soul - I will kill
I will destroy your lies, no more pity
As I felt the wrath of Satan
I am his weapon to annihilate all weakness
Await no mercy, the sick light will be extinguished
Crushed by my iron hand
As I am the wrath of Satan

Night eternal
Cold forever
Feel the wrath of Satan

[Sadorass, Scheiding 2.000 era vulg.]
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