A System Of Symmetry Testo

Testo A System Of Symmetry

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Lost in the pilgrim sky
A crack in a perfect line
A cure for the common good
You did what you knew you should

I watched as you pulled away
To be what you had to say
Torn from the ceiling down
Before you can turn around

The once and the future queen
A series of settlings
The hope and the hopeless cause
The moment the morning comes

A system of symmetry (x4)

A pen sticking in my ribs
Just isn't enough to live
The ark of the waning moon
There's nothing more we can do

Walk away dead and gone
No sense when the timing's wrong
For be on the worry soon
She says what I've always known

A system of symmetry (x8)
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