Just Until Sundown Testo

Testo Just Until Sundown

Spent too many hours holding up walls
standing in corners and clenching my jaw
watching you watching the ones that I wanted to be.

Blaming this all on the moment
blaming this all on my views
blaming the mood of the music
blaming it all on you.
All on you and me.

Just because you said what you wanted
doesn't make it right.
Just because the moment was heated
doesn't mean that I wanted to fight.
And even though I saw your anger
even though I saw your face
the words that you cited were chosen
not fate, not spoken in haste.

Well just for the moment, just one more time
just one more second and we'll be just fine
this could be just, just in case it's the last time.
This could be the last time.

Just until sundown, just one more day
I could hold you.
Just until sundown, just one more day
I would hold you without you pushing me away.

All on you and me.
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