Justice Prevalis Testo

Testo Justice Prevalis

"Justice Prevails" You make it so easy to run well I'm still crawling I'm still crawling. Now I'm game for the feeding chain, and their still scraping their still crawling. Taking measures to see myself , but I seem to forfeit all my findings, it's not easy to take these steps or to fake these breaths but urge is blinding. And you can deny this, but I won't let you, and you can defy this, it's not beneath you, and we can try this, but were we meant to, and this will divide us, and then we'll be through. be through I found you with him again. Found out about everything, and you can deny this all you want but you can pretend that you weren't caught. But this is more than you and me this is about being deceived. being deceived You should have waited until you ended this then you'd have nothing to confess. I thought you'd leave me next to nothing but now your leaving me much less. leaving me much less And I will get through this until justice prevails. And I gave you this for nothingness and lies.

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