Barcelona (With Lesley Garrett) Testo

Testo Barcelona (With Lesley Garrett)

Barcelona Barcelona Ooh I had this perfect dream -Un sueno me envolvio This dream was me and you -Tal vez estas aqui I want all the world to see -Un insinto me guiaba A miricle sensation My guide and inspiration Now my dream is slowely coming true Thewind is a gentle breeze -El me hablo de ti The bells are ringing out -El canto vuela They're calling us together Guiding us forever Wish my dream would never go away Barcelona (It was the first time that we met) Barcelona (How could I forget) The moment that you stepped into the room you took my brath away Barcelona (La musica vibros) Barcelona (Y ella nos unio) And if God willing we will meet again someday Let the songs begin -Dejalo nacer Let the music play -Ahhh Make the voices sing -Nace un gran amor Start the celebration -Ven a mi And cry -Grita And shake the foundations from the skies -Ahh Shaking all out lives Barcelona (Such a beutiful horizon) Barcelona (Like a jewel in the sun) Por ti sere gaviota de tu bella mar Barcelona (Suenan las campanas) Barcelona (abre tus puertas al mundo) If God is willing (If God is willing) Friends until the end Viva Barcelona Barcelona

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