Cold Beverage Testo

Testo Cold Beverage

Frosty mug to Washtub Robbie
Cold ones to Nancy and Winnie
Yo- could I get a cold beverage
I need some leverage
It's sunny outside
Some lemonade would be nice
Or a sprite through the drive through
At B.K.
Yo I'll buy girl a drink
But girls got to pay
On the front porch i got
Some iced tea
If you like a taste of tea
Then come along with me
Summer time is steamin'
Don't give me some work
Glass of ice and dashle for me
It's martini time
Yeah yeah feeling golden
Bring your own beverage
Just make sure it's cold
I like cold beverage

Give me frosty mug
Filled with A&W
If you got ice cream
Make it a double scoop
Milkshake at the fountain
Really good sounding
Chocolate egg cream
Yo, I'm champ cherry pounding
Caught a chill vibe
Orange juice in my ride
Wawa's to the right
They got a beverage inside
Dig me a hot coffee
Fill it up with ice
Watermelons like drink
Please fix me a large slice
Summertime is cool the heat is getting old
Yeah I'll get a beverage
Just make sure it's cold
Cold cold cold cold
Want something from the bar?
I like cold beverage

Stick it in the fridge
Stick it in the fridge
Stick it in the fridge
In the fridge
Stick it in the fridge
Stick it in the fridge
Stick it in the fridge
In the fridge
go go work the cold one
go go work the cold one

When I'm fishin
Let's keep one thing clear
The baits over there
The brews right here
Two six packs and a big bag of ice
Didn't even catch a bite
But the brew tasted nice
Back to the bar
Strawberry daiquiris and a colada
I need a whole lotta them
Fruit drinks to catch me a buzz
I must tell you I'm the
Kool Aid kid
Before you serve my drink
Please stick it in the fridge
I like cold beverage
uh huh I'm kinda thirsty
I like cold beverage
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