My Baby Got Sauce Testo

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Testo My Baby Got Sauce

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Cooling out, cooling outWaiting for my lady got the special sauce that's why she's my babyMy baby, my babyAnd of course I'll do anything for her anythingAny day she wants to show her honey, show her loveGot a sharp mouth a sharp tongue gimme gimme gimme someDon't take to that gimme gimme noneYou got to work desere it earn it to own itOnce you got never ever going to leave it alone don't take wise cracking orForgetting never been stood up your...cuz my baby does the steppingMy baby got sauceYour baby ain't sweet like mineShe got sauceYour baby ain't sweet like mineShe got sauce...She ain't just sweetDig it babyThat's some funky lemonade you got going there babeIs it special for me?Did you make it todayCuz I'll always stop by if you like me toI'll do anything that you could ever want for me to doA kiss for some of thisA smile and it's doneMiss I'm your misterMy sister's your sisterMy mother's your mother father's your fatherIt all started when I kissed her, I missed her, I didIt was love at first sight, yo, thoughBetter when it startedI ain't broken hearted but babyI need some time, some time alone with the crewTo do the stupid things that we used to doUpon this she slapped meWith a frying panYo, this is loveI'm not gonna leave itMy baby's got sauceYour baby ain't sweet like mine(She got sauce)Your baby ain't sweet like mine(My baby got sauce)She ain't that sweet, see...Baby whatI would do for just one look in my direction,I gave you all I had although you still hate me,You don't give me no attentionMy baby got sauce and of course as a matter of courseShe does what she wants to because she's the bossPlease don't tell my friends about the situation'Cause, like they think I'm on some extended vacation'Cause, I don't get out to see my boys anymoreOnly time I leave the house is to go to the store for...what she wants what sheWants what she wants me forWhat could she want this timeI'm all hersNo, she ain't even mine, ain't even mineBelieve me what she do at night i cant tellI could guess it ain't rightShe got me waiting comes in late and I'm trying not to raise my voiceNegotiating itI'm confident that she'll win the argumentShouldn't even started it I'm broken hearted I can't be parted y'allI need a tasteSo I count my loss...Dig... My baby got sauceYour baby ain't sweet like mine(She got sauce)Your baby ain't sweet like mine(My baby got sauce)Your baby ain't sweet like miiinnneShe got sauce, she got sauce, she got sauceYour baby ain't sweet like mine, ain't so sweet like mine, ain't so sweet like mineAin't so sweet like mineShe ain't so sweet

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