Pretty Please Testo

Testo Pretty Please

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Well, you say I'm being cruel now, 'cause I make you struggle and strain
And you cry, 'Baby, don't leave me out in the rain'
When you snapped your fingers in the past they'd all come around
Now's your first crusade to conquer this holy ground

Take this lesson 'bout the birds and bees
He who wants got to say, 'pretty please'
Some teasin', that might be good for you
A little bit of patience is a virtue, too (remember)

Don't be rude, don't forget what Mama told you
You know it's true, you'll catch more flies with honey
And you look like you're in shape to me
Show me how you swim upstream
'Cause the makings of a champion don't come easy..

Take this lesson...

Old school love
Yeah, it works for me
Is it worth the energy?
Guess you'll have to wait and see

Take this lesson...
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