If You Ever (feat. East 17) Testo

Testo If You Ever (feat. East 17)

Teil 1:The very first time that I saw your brown eyesYour lips said hello and I said hiI knew right then you were the oneBut I was caught up in physical attractionbut to my satisfactionBaby you were more than just a friendRefrain:And if you ever fall in love againyou must make sure that the lady is a friendand if you ever fall in love so trueyou must be sure that she feels the same way tooIf I said that I would be your one and onlypromise that you`d never leave me lonelyI just want to be the one you needI just want to be the one to serve yousometimes I feel as I don`t deserve youI cherish every moment that we shareRefraineil 1Refrain (3 x)

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