Sin Pararse Testo

Testo Sin Pararse

Y baila, baila sin pararse, sin pararse
Como mi amor por ti

I tell you what I use to do
Not to feel blue
It's like a trick that can change your life

You simply have to
Sing a song
Any happy song
And your troubles turn into a smile

There is no need of living this way
In a bad mood day by day
Happiness is something you can get easily
Things are the way you just want them to be

Estar al sol es vida, tu corazòn lo mira
Tu corazòn lo quiere, mi cuerpo se calienta...

You simply have to
Sing a song
Any happy song
And you can get a smile from every man

If everybody sung a song
Any happy song
We'll be living in a better world

Me say mister rich man
Let's come to have fun
It's more than you own if you understand

Me say come on
Come join to the party
The sun shines again on everybody...
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