10 O'Clock Testo

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Testo 10 O'Clock

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I know complaining doesn't help
cause what has been won't be again

and as i'm walking down the streets
i see a child glance back at me

these crazy clocks dictate our lives
i'm gonna cut time with a knife
if all this ends, there's nothing more
then where will my memories go?

and now it's ten o'clock
another day has gone
i know it's gone forever
have you ever loved me?

one day you'll hear the unspoken words
i've sung for you
i turned away you didn't know
i lived for you, my love still grows

you see empty space
in children's eyes
but what you see is ancient and wise

if all this ends there's nothing more
then where will my memories go?

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