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Al via X Factor 2014: Giulia Penna si spoglia e viene criticata dai giudici
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[feat. Luu Breeze]

Excuse you, that nigga look like me
He from the G.A., and I'm [?] easy, that's Game
I don't do what you niggas do, that's lame
I Soo Woo with my crew from the from the Burque
I Soo Woo with my crew, from under Young Wayne
A walkin' motherfuckin' flame
Livin' up to my brothers name
Rockin' that red shit, wasn't fuckin' with them other gangs
Most other gang's, they wasn't fuckin' with me
Ain't your average motherfucker, I'm a motherfuckin'

Scarica la suoneria di All I Know!
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