G.A.M.E. Testo

Testo G.A.M.E.

Verse 1:
Live Now, Die Later, Motha Clapped The Shit Out Of Haterz, Got Niggas Trying To Kiss The Game Goodbye like Jada, Got Ya Shit Push Back Like Jada CB, High Pressure Brains On That Kim On T.V, See You Can See Hell On 3D, Its Right There Dawg, And The Game Behind The Desert Is A Nightmare Dawg, If Its Hush I Might Share Dawg, Beef Im Right Here Dawg, Im On The Block White Nike Airs All, Gucci Cheque, Gucci Sweats, They Wanna Know If 22's On The Truck, Give Me Coochie Yep, When I Come Through In The New G Yeah, With 2, 3 Teck, The Niggas Harlem Shakin Like The New G-Dep, Tryin To Read My Whole Script, But Ain't Seen The Movie Yet, Better Have The Glock Stuffed Tonight, Im Coming Through Young Noble, And We Don't Make It A Block Bust The Night...

Gettin American Money Easy, All I Know, But Gangsta All MothaFuckas Envy All My Doh, Its A WestCoast Knock Watch, Let It Bang Out Shots, Rings Out, All The Gangsta Hang Outs..

Wanna Know AnyMore! Listen To Tha Song.. He He...
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