I Just Want to Fuck Testo

Testo I Just Want to Fuck

You wanna get down
I get down right

If I met Beyonce today I'd tell her I love her
And maybe we can play... under my curtains
The dream I had about you last night
I am telling you now
Lights off so we can have the destiny child
... Jay-Z who's got the best of you now
We can watch [?] and you can wrestle me down
One night stand one night into town
One call to make sure you're home that's how I get down
Like Keisha [?] flow so I am gonna take it easy and put the patrol down
Go to Merry [?] get some weed to blow you're my big brother... know
Living the good life

I just wanna fuck (repeats)

She ain't never been shit
New was not now talking shit
All I did was fuck her
She's mad of all these celebrities...
Nothing but a gangster posted in the...
I know you post it when you see us
Fly real high higher as we wanna be
I got Justin Simpson call me...
Fly white bitches but I am gonna be...
Tell my nigger game only...
So we can get that cheese
We got bitches that can make it happen over seas
I could fly... sexy Rihanna
Kind of look like Rihanna

I just wanna fuck (repeats)

She is [?] it's time to take her home
And the [?] cd is time to get dope
It's 2 o'clock in the morning
And I am mowing
One hand on the wheel
The other hand get her pussy
I want it the way she's screaming
I'm drunk I am [?]
Walk or dreaming
... this is wheel one
Before I get you home
Baby you will come
... explosive before she notice
I'm gonna get you under hypnoses
Get you open while I make love to your mouth
I pull it [?] coming out my mouth

I just wanna fuck [repeats]
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