It Must Be Testo

Testo It Must Be


It's Make Big Pharrel....

[Vers 1]

Wake up in morning Ohh Shiit!!!

Had copt 9 nigga trine to stiil pet's

When out back door see them niiga seat feat's

I'm telling you life In Compton Is Bitch

Let off couple shots GodDamn I miss

Say fuck at any way and let off whole clip

I'm Not be fucked with, when im off nigga Old English In my system bout to kill me a nigga

See,I remember back In days loadin my a.k ridin round in my impala with my lungs full of haze

that's when I didn't give a fuck Now I got My son

Shoot a nigga he die public enemy number 1

But,this ain't no action flick no johnny depp shit

When tep spit hallow tips In you lexus

So. Don't fuck with the compton nigga when we back in gat

Yeah Nigga I stay strapped


Some Hot In here. Nigga It Must Be Me (x2)

Is it shades? Is it jaze?

Is it the bentley with full color waze

All old school setining On blaze

What could be?

[vers 2]

It's 2 clock in afternoon I'm bout to roll a swisher

Cause that is real niggas doing in it at home

Watch ESPN On the 78 inch flat screen cage is wait jerzy blowin chronic that green

Give up the hood dreams,bobble wait crack dreams

Trun hood's army's in 2 all up track team

Till I got shot and infiltrated the rapscene

Had clean my life up, doc give me vaccine

Don't get twisted I still click clack things

Red beam on tach to each on that strap

That keep locked up in my basement

If I shoot nigga with lorph a get jaycon

I don't know,still got set fair rich with shoot out a car chaces

Fuck alpachino cause we know niggas we scarface's

And we go back like d-boy an small face's

And crash a new ferrari's why all hate in

Pharrel I think


Some Hot In here Nigga It Must Be Me (x2)

Is it shaze ?, Is it jaze?

Is it a bentely wait full color waze

All old school setining On blaze

What could be?

[vers 3]

You know that asking FOOL

Niggas can't fuck with me will spit

I guess I am motherfucking legend will smith

All I need's in this bitch like jayda.. bohny and closes shit

It fence like layda sayenarra, areda dirt shit

Black wall's phantom interior to her shit

And got some kisses fo my couple brooklyne bitches

Them hoes never testified bitch to common

But game keep it hood like waze and top runnin

Never stop coming for the top.

If the basin flesh room,if phareel a head shot

Motherfucker and he we take ain't

Bullet's fot to you friend my balls sem a lord

To a dregse soallow a fans

can't ,Walk to the club and take a piss

whitout this new school rap's niggas on my dick

why you fuck round with you jewelry and all you wips

I pull up with you bitch poppin gangsta shit

Nah You Know


Some Hot In here Nigga It Must Be Me (x2)

Is it shades ?, Is it jaze?

Is it a bentley wait bob call waze

All old school setining On blaze

What could be?

DO you think shawty , DO you think shawty , DO you think shawty

E'rbody lookin Now(x2)

Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go E'rbody Lookin Now (x2)
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